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The Art Of Business

When you have the right weapons, the experienced soldiers, you are not afraid to advance. We claim new territory with every battle and we do not allow the opposition through.

Rajen Singh - Owner

Rajen is the brains behind the operation, his initiative and superb business sense has brought National Autostyle to where it is today. Having completely transformed the company from just a simple motor spares shop to a massive independently owned Autostyling and spares shop. His hands on approach on a daily basis is what gives the business such consistent growth.

Hans Singh - Rajen's Dad

Over the years, Hans Singh has played an integral part in the business. He stood firm and has supported his son throughout every venture and opportunity. His contribution and efforts in raising Rajen has stood the test of time, and made him the successful man he is today.

Mala Singh

Mala is responsible for all administration and payments that are required. Her experience and expertise has greatly assisted the company over the years. Apart from her handling tasks in other areas of the business, she handles this with a great amount of ease.

Staff Profiles

  • Name: Jason Ramnath

    Job Title: Sales Manager

    Department: Spares

    Jason has over 10 years of experience in the spares sector, he is responsible for the entire department. This responsibilities also include ordering, receiving, sales & after-sales support service.

    Name: Siresh Uthal

    Job Title: Store Manager

    Department: Accessories

    Siresh is the store manager of National Autostyle. His speciality lies in Accessories, his responsibilities include maintaining the stock levels, sales, ordering, receiving & after-sales.

    Name: Elias Pitso

    Job Title: Supervisor

    Department: Vinyls & Vehicle Signage

    Elias is the store and forecourt supervisor. His responsibilities include maintaining that all levels of quality with the forecourt and National Autostyle.

    Name: Mark

    Job Title: Salesman

    Department: Spares & Accessories

    Mark has 3 years worth of experience in the spares sector, growing into all other aspects of the business.

    Name: Sandile Dlomo

    Job Title: Salesman

    Department: Replacement Parts

    Sandile is one of the very first employees of National Autostyle, and has greatly assisted with his years of experience. His speciality is all replacement parts, from body panels to lights, to protective guards.

    Name: Kirthesh Jagesur

    Job Title: Salesman

    Department: Rims & Tyres

    Kithesh is our knowledgeable source with Rims & Tyres which he has gained throughout his years of experience. He is able to provide customers with the accurate information and advice.

    Name: Nishaal Singh

    Job Title: Salesman

    Department: Car Audio & Vehicle Wraps

    Nishaal is our car audio expert, He provides customers with suitable solutions for their vehicle requirements.

    Name: Jeremy Reddyh

    Job Title: Bookkeeper

    Jeremy is our bookkeeper. His responsibility lies in handling all debtors, creditors, tax, etc. His vast experience in his field has been vital to the function of National Autostyle. He also assists with administration and other general office duties.

    Name: Mateo

    Mateo is our friendly face around the shop, his responsibilities include arranging display items and also ensuring that the entire store is free from dust or dirt.

    Name: Cassim Mamudu

    On the backend of the store, Cassim is our dedicated packer who has the responsibility of having the warehouse shelves well stocked, neat and easy to find. He has superb arrangement abilities that directly result in the business being run at its maximum potential.

    Name: Lungi

    Lungi is our friendly voice at National Autostyle. Her duties are of great assistance by directing customer's and supplier's calls to the correct people in the fastest time possible.

    Name: Kerwyn Lee

    Job Title: Warehouse Manager

    Department: Warehouse

    Name: Deron Premchand

    Job Title: Salesman

    Department: Spares & Accessories

    Name: Ubdeshia Bridgelall

    Job Title: Saleswoman

    Department: Body Panels & Windscreens

    Name: Shanalin Pillay

    Job Title: Fitter

    Department: Auto Fitment

    Name: Kenneth Mgomo

    Job Title: Fitter

    Department: Auto Fitment

    Name: Zamile Nkosana

    Job Title: Security Guard

    Department: Autostyle

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